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Chocolate Peanutbutter No Bake Cookies

The very first time I made Chocolate Oatmeal No Bake Cookies, was in my grade 8 Foods class in highschool. I had never had them before, but they were delicious and easy to make. I’ve had them on and off over the years since, and have started making them when I need a chocolate fix.

If I’m semi-prepared when I’m cooking, I like to start by gathering and measuring out the ingredients. It’s also a good way to make sure that you have enough of what you need to make the recipe, or see if you have something on hand to substitute an ingredient that you don’t have for. For substituting, I always do a quick google search to find out what would work best.

My measured out ingredients. Ignore the iced tea mix, it just happened to be on the counter, it’s not actually in the recipe.

The recipe starts by melting cocoa powder, butter, milk, and sugar together.

The next step is melting and stirring in your peanut butter, removing the pot from your stovetop, and then adding in the oats.

After that, you just need to drop about a tablespoonful of the mix onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet and stick it into either the fridge or freezer for about 45 minutes to harden and set.

Once they have set, then they are ready to eat! I like to make my cookies abit larger than the recipe calls for, but you can do whatever size you enjoy.

The recipe that I used here I got from Pinterest: Best Old Fashioned Chocolate Peanutbutter No Bake Cookies

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