Fabulous Foods

Potato Salad

One thing I love about Summer, is the delicious Summer foods. And one food that screams Summer, BBQs and picnic lunches, to me at least, is Potato Salad.

It’s a bit time consuming to make (cooling the potatoes, chopping veggies), but well worth it.

This Potato Salad recipe is fairly simple. I added a few other things that I enjoy in a Potato Salad; dried dill, radishes and paprika. If I had any on hand, I would have diced a couple of dill pickles as well.

I got this recipe from Google, another one that I used at work, but it’s pretty good. Credit goes to the owner/creator.

Step 3

I omited just the onions (not my thing for a Potato Salad), and the celery salt (didn’t have any on hand). You can adjust your Potato Salad to your liking.

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